Lowest price guarantee

At SONIQ, we’re known for providing the best value and lowest prices on TVs in Australia! And we want to keep it that way. We check our competitors advertised price on their TVs regularly to make sure we continue to offer the lowest priced TVs and value to customers. Despite our best efforts, some promotions and prices displayed online by our competitors may be even lower than our advertised prices.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means, if you find a competitor’s advertised price online for a TV in stock of similar specs and features, we will beat our competitor's online price by 5%

Claiming the lowest price guarantee is simple at soniq.com

  • Record price: This can be through a screenshot, link to webpage or similar.
  • Let us know about the lower price: Simply click the “Enquire now” button on your selected television and upload evidence of the lower price.
  • Save with the lowest price guarantee: Once your claim is verified and approved, we’ll give you 5% off the lowest advertised price on your SONIQ TV.

What items does the 5% reduction apply to?

Our guarantee only applies to our competitor’s TVs sold online. Competitor TVs must be in stock and of similar specs & features as SONIQ TVs that are sold and currently in stock online at soniq.com. When redeeming lowest price guarantee by price matching the price from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location. If the competitor TV, in-stock can be purchased and delivered to your location for a total price lower than the one we're offering, we'll beat the total price by 5%.

What items are excluded from the lowest price guarantee?

  • Any Non-SONIQ Branded item
  • Clearance, seconds or refurbished lines or ex-demonstration offers.
  • Advertising errors (either ours or our competitors).
  • Conditional offers such as package and bundle deals, cash back, bonus or limited quantities.
  • Offers that require delivery from an overseas distributor direct to the customer.
  • Cash back and coupon offers.
  • Commercial quantities.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Resellers and Grey Importers (i.e. products offered for sale in Australia by unauthorised retailers)
  • Business Pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
  • Stock liquidations and competitor clearance products.
  • Discounts not available to the public.
  • Offers by any resellers, classifieds, auction sites, manufacturers, distributors or importers.

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