Phone lens & Led Fill Light With 9 Lighting Modes

Model: CDE001

SONIQ Phone Lens & LED Fill Light With 9 Lighting Modes CDE001. Need a little extra zing from your pictures? Check out the SONIQ Phone Lens Kit. With a wide-angle lens, macro lens and LED flashlight step up your photography to the next level. Compatible with almost all the mobile phones on the market, and is perfect for a selfie or live streaming.

- +

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Step up your photo game
  • Light to brighten up images 
  • Travel case
  • Compatible with most phone cameras 
  • Easy setup

Step up your photo game

Ever feel your camera images are just a little lacking? Ever want to try get that shot but missing just a little zing. The SONIQ Lens Kit gives you the perfect chance to answer both those issues.

Easy to use

Straight out of the box and easy to set up. Simply use the provided clamp on any smartphone camera and start snapping away. 

Compact and easy to carry

With the included durable and compact travel case, the lens kit is the perfect companion for any trip to your local supermarket, or for a honeymoon in another country!