Silicone Facial Vibrating Clea nsing Brush

Model: DS-020

Glyph DS-020 Silicone Facial Vibrating Cleansing Brush. Give your skin the treatment it deserves with the Glyph. Able to smoothen the skin and restore sheen with its intelligent electric silica gel cleaning head with a much gentler approach than conventional brushes.

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  • Silicone cleansing brush is non-abrasive and more effective than nylon brushes or crystal puffs
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Vibrations allow for a better, deeper clean
  • Dynamically change your brush so you can optimize your experience 

Comfortable is king

The Glyph DS-020 Silicone Cleaning Brush is soft, comfortable and gentle to the touch. Its sleek light design with three-dimensional surface easily fits facial contours and allows for a thorough clean with no dead ends. Mango-shaped design for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip. The Ultrasoft silicone head is nonabrasive and gentle on delicate facial skin compared to nylon bristles or crystal puffs.

A better deeper clean

Able to offer a deep cleansing of dirt, grease, and residual makeup, the Glyph is more thorough than other types of cleansing instruments. Used in tandem with your favourite skincare products, allow your skin to more effectively hydrate, firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. See an instant difference!

Dynamic cleansing massage

Inbuilt adjustable frequency, suitable for different skin, dynamic skin vibration, comfortable massage texture allows for effective skin relief. Gain softer, more luminous skin today as the Glyph's vibrations work with your skin's natural elasticity to gently massage rather than irritate to remove impurities allowing you to leave traditional cleansing methods behind.

Convenient and Safe

Simply press the switch to use and adjust the Glyph's vibration. The Glyph has a long standby time, is convenient for travel, business trips, and portable use when you are on vacation.