Universal Rotation Travel Adap ter

Model: JS-A022

Seeker JS-A022 Universal Rotation Travel Adapter/Charger for US,AUS, Asia, EU, UK. Going on a trip or simply annoyed at having to switch adapters for that humidifier you bought in Bali? No fear the Seeker is here with your all in one solution. Charge all around the world safely and make sure you are never without battery.

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  • Type A, F, G and I power point compatibility 
  • Safety shutter and 6A dual overload fuse for safety and peace of mind
  • Simple and easy use through rotations
  • 2x 2.4A and main port allows you to charge multiple devices 

Charge all around the world

Type A: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan +more

Type F: Everywhere in Europe except UK and Ireland + more

Type G: UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore + more

Type I: Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina + more

Safer, for your peace of mind

Know that you and your device are safe with the Seeker's inbuilt 6A dual fuse that is cut off during overloads. Add onto that the safe shutter functionality that is dustproof, anti-shock and anti-single plug to have peace of mind when you're out and about. 


Easy to use, simply rotate

The Seeker JS-A022 is one of the simplest and most intuitive travel adapters on the market. Simply rotate the safety shutter on the front to whatever type of charging plug you require. 

More charging for everyone

With 1 main power output along with 2x 2.4A USB ports, charge faster and up to 3 devices at once! No more need to bring multiple adapters on your travels.