Smart Frog 2 In 1 Ceramic Electric Heater & Air Cooler

Model: KW-CH200

Smart Frog Ceramic Electric Heater & Air Cooler KW-CH200. Feeling a little chilly or a little hot? Have no fear Smart Frog is here with the all in one solution. Able to switch between hot and cold in such a compact design means that the Ceramic Electric Heater is perfect to suit all your temperature needs all year round. Time to stop having cold feet (both literally and figuratively) and get one now!

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  • Heating and Cooling in One
  • Advanced Ceramic Heating for Safety and Control
  • Overtipping and Overheating protection
  • Dynamic swivel head
  • Portable and easy to use

Switch Between Heating and Cooling
The Smart Frog Ceramic Electric Heater & Cooler allows you to switch between heating and cooling modes at the turn of a switch. An all in one device to help keep you at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

Utilizes Ceramic Heating for a safer and more dynamic experience 
Temperature manipulation is achieved using a ceramic heating process differs from many other traditional heaters. Such a method allows for better control over the temperature whilst also being safer during operation. 

Overheating and tip over protection to ease your mind
Specially designed to remain safe in case of being tipped over or overheating, have peace of mind knowing that your home, office or family is safe wherever and whenever you use the Smart Frog Ceramic Electric Heater & Cooler.

Dynamic Swivel Head Design
Boasting a dynamic swivel head, enjoy an even distribution of temperature throughout your room or office. Simple to activate as pressing a button

Compact Case for Anywhere 
The small compact case of for the Smart Frog Ceramic Electric Heater & Cooler means that you are able to take it wherever and use it whenever you want as long as you have power. Perfect for the office, home or lounge keep warm/cool anywhere you are.