Mosquito Killer Lamp With UV

Model: KW-MK300

Smart Frog Planet KW-MK300 Anti-Mosquito Killing Lamp. The Smart Frog Planet is a simple, easy and efficient way to kill mosquitoes and other small insects without causing any environmental harm. Utilizing UV lights to attract mosquitoes and then a powerful suction fan to dry them out and kill them, know that your body is safe from all the pesky bites.

  • UV LED light used to attract mosquitoes and small other small insects
  • A strong turbo fan is used to dry out and instantly kills mosquitoes with no odour or chemicals
  • Low power consumption, USB compatible
  • Quiet operation and petite durable design

Mosquito be gone
Utilizing a 365nm UV LED lamp the Smart Frog effectively attracts mosquitoes and other small flying bugs/insects to meet a grim end at the hands of its drying strong suction fan. Odourless, effective and able to clear a room or area of those unwanted visitors

Low power consumption
Powered through a USB Charging Port the Smart Frog is perfect for taking on the go, while also being able to simply be powered by a portable charger or any other USB compatible device

Travel like a king
The small durable design along with being able to be powered by a USB Charging port means that the Smart Frog is a perfect companion on your camping trips or outdoor expeditions. All you need is a portable charger!

Easy to Use
The combination of the Smart Frog's convenient design and the ability to simply plug and work means that you will be rid of pests wherever you are. Add onto that the detachable metal capture plate and you have an efficient killing machine

Peace and Quiet
Get a better night sleep without having to worry about waking up covered in bites. The Smart Frog's efficient design and quiet operating volume (30db) means that you can sleep safely knowing you won't receive any new visitors

Safe for you and the Environment
The Smart Frog doesn't use any chemicals or odours, simply a UV light and suction fan to do away with mosquitoes and other small threats.