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Drift MF101B Touch Control Spiral Portable Desk Fan (Black)

Model: MF101B

Drift MF101B Touch Control Spiral Portable Desk Fan. The Drift MF101 is a 2-speed desk fan with spiralled design to improve efficiency and airflow. Providing a quieter and more efficient means of cooling your desk or office space. The adjustable fan head is fully capable of pivoting vertically to ensure your airflow is perfectly aimed at where you need. The spiral design of the Drift MF101 allows for optimized air distribution. It's light and ergonomic design means that you can use the Drift MF101 almost anywhere be it home, office or dormitory. Add onto that the two fan speeds and you can perfectly cater your cooling to whatever you need.

$2200 $24

  • Easy to use controls
  • Spiral design optimizes airflow
  • Intuitive touch controls let you dynamically control air flow with multiple speeds
  • Vertically adjustable pivoting head to ensure airflow goes where you want 

Dynamic design for everyone to enjoy

The Drift MF101 Spiral Fan has two speeds, 5 fan heads and a vertically pivoting head. This quiet fan is compact enough for on a table or bench & powerful enough to help provide comfortable cooling in a small office or home environment.

Feel the power of Spiral fan design 

The Drift MF101 fan features 5 fan blades that achieve an aerodynamic spiral design to optimize air movement, offering the power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. 

Easy to use

With included touch controls allowing for the dynamic change of fan speeds, all you have to do is plug and enjoy the breeze. No need for any setup or upkeep. 

Adjustable so you can get things just right

The vertically adjustable pivoting fan base atop an aluminium alloy and silicone base means that you can perfectly gear your airflow where you need.  

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