11.6" Convertible Notebook

Model: PN121YW

Get more out of your laptop/ tablet with the SONIQ 11.6" convertible notebook. Wherever you are, get productive be it spreadsheets, assignments or reports

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Office, home or university, the SONIQ 11.6 convertible notebook lets you adapt to whatever tasks the day might throw at you. With the ability to convert from Laptop-to-Tablet and back, experience the ability to do tasks your way. 

  • Able to dynamic change between laptop and tablet modes
  • Inbuilt 2.4Ghz Intel Celeron N3350 processor
  • 4Gb Ram 
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Windows 10 OS installed + Microsoft Office
  • Micro SD card reader, Mini HDMI, USB, AUX

Transform for the things you need to be done

The world is yours to conquer, whether you need to write a report, draw some blueprints or simply watch the latest movies. The SONIQ 11.6" notebook lets you do it all both a tablet and laptop with touchscreen functionality. 

Power to help fuel your inspirations

With the adaptability of its form, combined with a 4gb ram and 2.4Ghz Intel Celeron N3350 processor, be ready to express yourself wherever you travel, whenever you want. 

Play and view media your way

With the included functionality of Micro SD card reader, Mini HDMI, USB,  AUX enjoy movies, TV shows and just some old classics in both laptop and tablet form.

Productivity straight out the gate 

The SONIQ convertible notebook comes with Windows 10 and Microsoft office straight out the box. Get right into the action of it and enjoy all the familiar features from the office suite for the tasks you need to do.