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Wireless charger

Model: UPA90100

Wireless Phone Charger to ensure a mess-free/stress-free charge to help maximise your device for the day. Support Fast Charging iOS and Android for Samsung and iPhone 8/8plus/X Compatible* Some devices may require an additional wireless charging receiver, for example iPhone 6 6s etc. (Not Included).

$1600 $29

Temperature protection can protect automatically once in high temperature
Short-circuit protection can break current automatically if in short-circuit
Overvoltage protection can prevent overvoltage of charging and discharging
Anti-charge protection can break current automatically if cable inserting upside
Magnetic field protection can prevent magnetic interference to protect normal work
Overcharge protection can prevent battery from overcharging for long time
Overpower protection can prevent the accident from overpower of battery
Overcurrent protection can prevent large current of discharge
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